PLC failure cases

PLC failure

3 cases that cause PLC failure or its implementation process in the industry ??

PLC failure cases, in this article, we will refer to the cases that cause PLC failure.

In industry and in an industrial automation process that we use PLC, there are three things that cause PLC failure.

Cases that cause PLC failure:

1. PLC hardware crashes and crashes
2. The program running in the PLC is not executed properly or is running incorrectly

Excessive industrial noise

Cases that cause PLC failure

A number of industrial equipment, such as relays, contactors, solenoid valves, and starters for three-phase motors, generate significant noise in power lines or signals. To eliminate industrial noise, one of the best ways is to use shielded cables to power the PLC and PLC input signals, it is enough to connect this shield to the ground. Also, the PLC installation place should be connected to the ground and the power supply should also be ground.

Cases that cause PLC failure

Heat over a certain level

Usually, PLCs can withstand temperatures between zero and 60 degrees, in the field of heating, the most important points for installing PLCs are:

  • PLC manufacturers state in their product specifications how much space should be considered for PLC installation. This space must be observed in the electrical panel
  • The fan must be installed in the electrical panel when equipment such as a capacitor may be used

In general, any component that generates heat will cause a problem for the PLC in the electrical panel, for example, the copper busbars inside the electrical panel generate heat. For such panels, and air conditioning fan and a panel thermostat must be used.

Shocks caused by changes in voltage and current of PLC power supply and disconnection of PLC power supply from the line

To separate the PLC power supply, we can use the main power supply lines, and by using a transformer, which can be an isolated transformer, this separation work can be done in the power supply.

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