induction solutions for shipbuilding industry

induction solutions for shipbuilding industry

induction solutions for shipbuilding industry

induction solutions for shipbuilding industry: Heat treatment of large shafts, gears, and bearings straightening of decks and bulkhead preheating for welding paint curing hardening of chains.



Energy efficiency
Localized heat in the area to be heated
Short heating times
Repetitive and controllable process
Clean, fumeless, no contact

Business Benefits


Production rate increase
Automated, lean process
Safe heating

Typical industrial processes


Forging and Forming
Hardening and Tempering
Pipe Welding
Annealing and Normalising
Shrink fitting
Polymerisation Bonding
Pre- and Post-Heating

Application examples in shipbuilding


induction solutions for shipbuilding industry

· Deck and bulkhead straightening
· Pipe annealing
· Brazing
· Pre- and Post-Heating

Repair and Maintenance

induction solutions for shipbuilding industry

· Localized metal heating: Spot heating,
brazing, stress relief, bolt expansion
· Paint removal
· Other applications

Propulsion systems

induction solutions for shipbuilding industry

· Engine components heat treating
· Turbine blades brazing
· Gears hardening
· Large bearings hardening
· Shafts and gearbox components heat treating
· Other applications

Shahab Induction Company, founded in 1999, started its enterprise as a leading Iranian high frequency induction welding and heating equipment manufacturer. Our innovations in the field include technological breakthroughs in tube induction welding, catheter tube tip forming, and surface hardening. In 2004 SIC obtained patent approval certification from the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST). The company has ever since continued on a steady course of developing research and optimizing products: in 2009 we were honored to receive the International Trophy for Quality from the Trade Leaders’ Club, and in 2013 we succeeded in getting our products certified to ISO (International Organization for Standardization). SIC received ISO 9001: 2008. ISO 14001: 2004, and OHSAS 18001: 2007. All rights to technical science, machine design and manufacturing techniques of the products are reserved for the SIC

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