How to plc wiring?

How to plc wiring

How to plc wiring?

How to plc wiring? How to wire PLCs is one of the first concerns that any person faces when starting to work with PLC.

Shahab Furnace Knowledge Base Company, How to wire PLCs is one of the first concerns that any person faces when starting to work with PLC. But most people tell you to learn programming and program logic. How to wire PLC classification is not a difficult task, And it is at this moment that an influx of questions comes to you and you say to yourself that this was not the answer!

But to be honest, wiring does not do much. Join us, we will teach you how to wire PLCs based on datasheet reading. We also offer you a general solution that is generally for wiring. Consider PLCs.

How to wire PLC

How to plc wiring?

Also, what follows is more of a general method and for learning the basics and precision wiring of any PLC in any brand. Datasheet reading is an integral and very effective part of working with PLCs, and any PLC that you buy can be easily and by referring to the datasheet of cards and its different parts. You can learn how to wire PLC.

How to plc wiring?

How to wire PLC inputs

In the PLC input section (for different brands) we are generally faced with the following three components:

1: PLC power supply


The PLC power supply may be 24V or 220V AC or. This power is supplied through the power supply and is given to PLC. The PLC then lights up.

2: How to wire COM

com, or common, is the reference voltage level for detecting PLC input commands. That is if we give com the value of 0 volts. If it reaches the 24V input terminals, PLC detects that the command has been given and the input is activated. Also, if we give com 24 volts, the PLC will feel when its input is activated. Is to somehow reach the relevant input, negative voltage or zero volts.

3: Input bases

As mentioned above, if there is a voltage difference between these pins and com PLC. The corresponding base in the PLC program is activated and the status of the inputs is changed. When wiring PLC, you should be careful to wire these wires and then fasten them to the input bases.

So for PLC inputs (PLC that works with dc inputs). In general, we have to create a voltage difference between com and the input base, and for our projects, we generally give negative voltage to com PLC and positive voltage. Attach to the input pins and at any time in the inputs (which may be a sensor or key or)). A change has been made, this change will be applied in the program as well.

How to connect the sensor to plc

Question: Wiring PLC

Connect a PNP induction sensor and a pushbutton (PB) to the 0.00 and 0.01 PLC input pins?

Proximity sensor

Note: For PNP sensors, we need two wires of + and – for power supply, and these sensors also have a third wire that senses an object every time. A positive voltage is applied to it.

That is, they give us a positive voltage in their output wire:

Schematic of PLC wiring and induction sensor

How to plc wiring?

As you can see, we give the negative voltage to com, and from the sensors and switches, we bring the positive voltage to the PLC input pins.


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