Introduction to induction furnace

Introduction to induction furnace

Building performance and advantages of induction furnace

Introduction to induction furnace : Today, induction furnaces or heat treatment has a special place in the industry.

In traditional hardening systems using salt furnaces, it was not possible to create local hardness in a specific part of the workpiece, which was made possible by the use of induction furnaces and new high-frequency transistor systems.

Also, by using this technology, unique applications such as induction welding seams of pipes and iron and aluminum profiles with thicknesses of 0.2 and 0.18 mm at frequencies above 400 KHz have been provided.

In the induction furnace system, first by using a rectifier of electrical energy of the national power grid, it is converted to a DC voltage and then by using high frequency switches of the transistor by the method of current or voltage level switch, it is converted into a high frequency signal.

Pay attention to different applications to be selected.

For example, in applications such as smelting, forging and annealing of ferrous metals (carbon steels), grid frequencies and frequencies below KHZ 1 are selected, and in applications such as aluminum welding and surface hardening with a depth of less than 0.5 mm.

Introduction to induction furnace

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