Induction welding

induction welding

Induction welding

What is ?

With induction  the heat is electromagnetically induced in the workpiece. The speed and accuracy of induction welding make it ideal for edge welding of tubes and pipes.

In this process, pipes pass an induction coil at high speed. As they do so, their edges are heated then squeezed together to form a longitudinal
weld seam.

Induction welding is particularly suitable for high-volume production. Induction welders can also be fitted with contact heads, turning them into
dual purpose welding systems.

What are the benefits?

Automated induction longitudinal welding is a reliable, high-throughput process. The low power consumption and high efficiency of SHAHAB Induction  systems reduce costs.

Their controllability and repeatability minimize scrap. Our systems are also flexible—automatic load matching ensures full output power across a wide range of tube sizes. And their small footprints make them easy to integrate or retrofit into production lines. 

Where is it used?

Induction  is used in the tube and pipe industry for the longitudinal welding of stainless steel (magnetic and non-magnetic), aluminum, low-carbon and high strength low-alloy (HSLA) steels and many other conductive materials.

What equipment is available?

Weldac is SHAHAB Induction’s range of solid-state welders. A high-efficiency system (>85%), Weldac is virtually short circuit proof thanks to rugged IGBT transistors.

Weldac’s low ripple results in clean weld beads—making the system particularly suitable for aluminum and stainless steel welding.

induction seam welding of steel tubes

Weldac can be fitted with various induction coils or with quick-lifting contact heads.

induction weldings

The high-speed throughput and reliability of induction welding makes it perfect for the tube and pipe industry.

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