Induction post-heating

What is induction post-heating?

Induction post-heating refers to any process where induction is used to heat workpieces or materials that have already undergone significant processing. Metal components and welds, for example, must often be post-heated to relieve internal stresses caused by a previous process. Induction post-heating is also used to heat cable cores following extrusion.

What are the benefits?

The speed, versatility, precision and controllability of induction make it ideal for numerous post-heating tasks. Our cable and wire post-heating systems, for instance, induce localized heat directly in the cable core. This results in extremely fast cross-linking of the insulation’s polymers. At the same time, induction minimizes the risk of cable deformation. While our mobile  systems bring the benefits of induction to flame free sites such as offshore oil and gas platforms.

Where is it used?

Our post-heating solutions are mainly used in the cable and wire, tube and pipe, electrotechnical and aviation industries. In the automotive industry they post-heat rings, shafts, joints and gears; and cure corrosion-resistant brake disc covers. Induction is also used for tin re-flow applications.

What equipment is available?

Stationary SHAHAB Induction  systems—together with numerous options and control and handle features— are widely used for cable and wire and other high volume applications. Mobile  systems bring induction solutions to offshore platforms, wind farms, power stations, etc.

Induction is an excellent way of post heating. The heat is generated directly in the material and is very accurate—time and time again. This reduces radiation loss and shortens heating times compared with gas or furnace. Even more important is the higher quality and throughput achieved in the end. You get, for example, a faster and improved cross linking process of cable insulation.

Many of our postheating solutions are concentrated to the automotive, aviation, cable and wire, electrotechnical, and tube and pipe industries.


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