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Recent engineering advances in induction furnaces have greatly increased the use of these systems in various industries. The development of this technology has led to increased productivity, improved product quality, reliability, reduced maintenance costs and reduced initial investment.
The most important applications of induction furnaces can be mentioned in performing induction welding, in particular, welding of profile pipes, brazing, heat treatment (hardening, tempering, annealing, forging), type forming and melting operations.
The company with over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of induction furnaces in the field of welding seam, hardening, type forming and tempering has been successful.

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Manufacturing induction welding machines using the latest technologies in the world and expanding the application areas of induction furnaces

Creativity and innovation in creating indigenous industrial knowledge to improve quality

Use of superior technologies in the production of products

Development and expansion of the company's production areas

Hiring experienced and specialized people to develop the company

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24 Years of Experience


hard working


Welding seam




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Brazing (special products)

I just made a public announcement here at the office that if there was such a award for Vendor of the Year, you would receive it. We would all vote for you. Very demanding HUGE customer, and you have just went above and beyond!

Jack CarterTechnology Systems

I wanted to thank you and your crew for getting this turned so quickly! Much appreciated and this is why I always choose XTRA for my needs! Well done and this service level is EXACTLY why I choose to use XTRA on my motor!

Nicolas CageIndustrial Inc.

XTRA always has what we need at the right price. Tom is a great help even when it’s something that is hard to find. From the office to Tom or anyone else in back, its always a pleasure to order things that you know will be right the time

John AlabertaIndustrial Factory

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